Which Scooter to Rent: Four Scooters Compared

Last updated: 2021-02-03

Are you going on vacation to Thailand and want to rent a scooter? It’s a good idea provided you have experience riding a scooter and choose the right one.

Scooters are a popular means of transport both among Thais and the numerous tourists visiting Phuket, Thailand. The main advantages of riding scooters are the greater facility for travel and the low cost, especially if you take into account the imperfect public transportation system and the high price of taxis. Roughly, the cost of a taxi from the airport to a hotel equals the cost of renting a scooter for three days.

Of course, riding a scooter is relatively less secure than taking a taxi or public transit, so it is important to choose a scooter that suits your skills and size. A person about 6’6″ will not feel comfortable on a small scooter, while short people will have problems with a large and heavy Honda Forza.

Regardless of the scooter and your skills, remember that to travel legally in Thailand, you must have a valid motorcycle driver’s license (preferably international license) and a helmet. Otherwise, you put yourself and others at danger and may incur unnecessary costs.

Honda Click 125 CC: The Perfect Choice for Beginners​

The Honda Click is one of the smallest and most popular scooters on Phuket. It is small, light, and agile—ideal for short distances between the hotel and the beach. Some people say that you ride it like a bicycle, but remember that it can accelerate to over 100 km/h, and that’s fast enough for you to hurt yourself and others without the right skills.

The Honda Click is very economical in terms of fuel consumption, so you do not have to worry about fuel costs. It’s also the perfect scooter for people with little experience with scooter riding and for those who are planning short trips outside the hotel. You can put your shopping or a helmet in the storage under the seat, and the small hook allows you to hang a backpack or bag, so you have a lot of freedom of movement.

One or two people can travel on the Honda Click. However, if you are bigger and want to travel as a pair, choose a bigger scooter, because the Honda Click may be too small.

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Agile in traffic and very light
  • A good choice for short trips and city driving
  • Space under the seat for one helmet
  • A hook for a bag or backpack
  • Economical in terms of fuel consumption

Honda PCX 150: A Convenient Scooter for Everyday Use

If you feel confident on motorcycles, want to travel comfortably, and aren’t worried about lack of power on steep hills, then the Honda PCX is the choice for you. It’s bigger and heavier than the Honda Click and requires slightly better driving skills. The Honda PCX also has more luggage space, and the comfortable seat will please passengers. It is a medium-sized scooter, bigger than the Honda Click or Scoopy but smaller than the Honda Forza. It’s ideally suited for both short and slightly longer trips around the island. It is slim, dynamic, and compact, and it easily overcomes city traffic jams. Both short and tall people will feel good on it.

  • Good for intermediate riders
  • Large luggage space
  • Comfortable seat for two people
  • Copes well with steep hills
  • Good for longer trips and city driving
  • Bigger and heavier than the Honda Click

Yamaha Tricity 125: Stable on Bumpy Roads

The Yamaha Tricity is a sizable scooter that, thanks to its three wheels, drives confidently even when on bumpy roads and when overcoming potholes. A comfortable position allows the driver and passenger to relax. The 125cc engine accelerates well, but when traveling with a passenger, some hills in Phuket may be too steep for the scooter, which means that the passenger may have to dismount. Tall people can travel comfortably, thanks to the large space at the front, and the leg shield protects against rain. Thanks to it three wheels, it is effortless to keep the scooter upright.

Considering all these features, it may seem like the Yamaha Tricity is the ideal scooter for novice drivers. However, our experience shows that it is not. The Yamaha Tricity is a scooter for people with intermediate skills. If you do not feel confident riding a scooter, choose the smaller Honda Click. T three wheels do not mean that Yamaha Tricity is like a car. It’s still a scooter that can be compared to the Honda PCX rather than the small and agile Click.

  • Suitable for intermediate drivers (not beginners!)
  • Convenient scooter for two people
  • Stable on bumpy roads
  • A lot of storage space under the seat
  • Convenient for both tall and short persons

Honda Forza 300: Maxi Scooter for Experienced Riders

The Honda Forza is the perfect scooter for longer trips for one or two people. It offers the perfect combination of comfort and power. You can easily fit two helmets or personal items like a backpack or shoes under the seat, and the comfortable seat makes even long trips pleasant for the driver and passenger. The 300cc engine copes well with steep hills. The scooter’s large sizes make moving in heavy traffic not as efficient as on smaller scooters, but the scooter works perfectly on long routes outside the city. Also, thanks to the ABS system, it performs well on slippery surfaces. The Honda Forza is a great scooter but only for experienced drivers. If you have little experience, choose a smaller scooter.

  • Suitable for experienced riders only
  • Convenient for two people
  • Large storage space under the seat big enough for two helmets
  • ABS system
  • Good for long trips
  • More expensive than smaller scooters

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