What are you wondering? To help you become familiar with our motorbike rental, we’ve collected answers to some frequently asked questions. Familiarize yourself with them, and if you do not find an answer to the question you are interested in, please contact us.

Do I need a driver’s license to rent a motorbike in Thailand?
Yes, you should hold a valid driving license issued in your home country or an international driver’s license (recommended).

Can I rent a motorcycle without a driver’s license?
If you have never driven a scooter, don’t go renting one in Thailand to “learn”. If you rent a vehicle without a valid driving license, you do it at your own risk and put yourself and others in danger. During a car or motorcycle accident, without a legal driving permit, things may turn out unfavorably and in the worst case, you violate the insurance agreement.

Are the motorcycles insured?
All of our motorcycles come with medical insurance free of charge. It covers all road accident victims, including the drivers, passengers, and third parties and covers bodily injury, health harm, and death. It does not cover property damage. Our included insurance iso quite basic and will not cover the whole cost of treatment in the case of serious injuries. Therefore, we suggest purchasing comprehensive travel insurance. But be careful because the insurance company will reimburse you for medical costs only if you have the proper driver’s license for motorcycles.

What is preliminary and maximum compensation?
For details about insurance, please check directly with the source on the insurance company’s website:

What if I damage a motorcycle?
All bikes are delivered to you in good technical condition and are checked over with you before you take it off the lot. It is your responsibility to return the bike in the same condition as it was delivered to you.

In the case of damage, repair costs are very inexpensive, but you will be asked to reimburse us for any damage caused to the vehicle while in your care. We never charge you any more than is necessary for any damage incurred.

Is there any insurance for property damage?
Our motorbikes come with health insurance for drivers, passengers, and third parties in the event of an accident. However, we are often met with questions about property damage insurance. We highly recommend buying proper travel insurance in your home country. Please make sure that it covers you in the event of a road accident. However, if you don’t have a valid license in the country where the accident happened, you are riding illegally will not be covered by your travel insurance—that riding without a helmet and riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When should I pay the deposit, and when it is returned to me?
We collect the deposit in cash when we deliver the motorcycle. The deposit is refunded immediately if you return the motorcycle in the same condition as you received it. You will always receive confirmation of the cash deposit paid. This confirmation is part of the contract signed when the motorcycle is delivered.

What currency should I pay the deposit in?
We accept Thai Baht (THB), American Dollars (US), British Pounds (GBP), and Euros. We return the deposit in the same currency as it was paid. It is also possible to deposit by PayPal or credit card.

What currency can I pay in to rent a motorcycle?
During online payment (by credit card) we charge in USD. If you prefer payment in cash after arrival on the island, we charge in the local Thai currency, THB. It is not possible to pay by card after your arrival.

Is it safe to pay by credit card?
Yes, it is very safe. We use PCI-compliant credit card gateways powered by the world-renowned provider, PayPal. None of our staff can see your credit card details because they are safely stored in the PCI-compliant credit card vaults owned by our providers and transferred using encrypted SSL connections. For each transaction you make with us, you will receive an automatic confirmation by e-mail. PayPal also allows you to claim your transaction.

How do I open a seat on a scooter?
To open a seat on most of our Honda scooters, insert the ignition key and turn it to the position of ‘‘OPEN” or “SEAT/FUEL,” depending on the model of motorbike. Then push the ‘‘SEAT’’ button and open the seat.

Which type of gas should I use in the motorcycle and where should I buy it?

To refuel the motorcycle, please use 91 or 95 gasoline. You can get it at every gas station and from street vendors in whiskey or vodka bottles. This is not a joke!

Where can I park?
You can park at the side of all roads except where there are red and white or yellow and white stripes. If you park incorrectly and the bike has been secured by the police with a chain lock, you must go to the nearest police station to pay a fine. If you do not know where the nearest police station is, ask someone on the street or a policeman on duty.

What if I get a flat tire?
We provide motorcycles with good tires and the right pressure, but it is your responsibility to take care of them while the bike is in your possession.

If you get a flat tire, go to the nearest mechanic to fix it. Mechanics are everywhere in Phuket and throughout Thailand. If you cannot locate the nearest repair point, ask local residents. They are very kind and will gladly direct you to the nearest mechanic. Scooter or motorcycle tire repair usually costs THB 100–300.

If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, and you are unable to do anything with your flat tire, contact us, and we will send the necessary support or a replacement bike. Please remember that in this case you should cover repair and rescue team cost.

I can’t start the motorcycle. What should I do?
If you cannot start the motorcycle, follow these steps:

  • Turn the key
  • Check fuel level
  • Check if the kickstand is closed and try to open and close it again
  • Press both brakes firmly and try to start motorbike
  • Check the battery

The battery in a motorcycle is much smaller than the one in a car, and it is easy to drain it. Never leave the lights on without the engine running. It is your responsibility to take care of the motorcycle and battery while it is in your possession. If the cause is a discharged battery, locate the nearest mechanic and try to start the motorcycle by jump-starting it. If that doesn’t help, contact us.