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Karon Beach is a very long section of beautiful, white sand that creaks under your feet. Much less crowded than Patong, thanks to its size gives a feeling of space and even when tourists are very many, there are no crowds. It is quite empty from the sunset. We deliver motorbikes to every hotel in Karon Beach. Please contact us to arrange the delivery.

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About Karon

Karon Beach is divided into three parts: in the south, in the vicinity of cheaper guest houses, you can see small galleries and shops in which the Thai artist sells their “works.” In this part of the beach, there is also a place, where beach ball competitions take place. The central part of the Karon beach is dominated by large resorts. Along resorts, there is a walking promenade leading to the northern part, where the most restaurants and bars are located, as well as a large clothing and souvenir market. It is also the most crowded part of Karon; there are numerous small hotels and shops as well as service points, Thai massage. Karon is also famous for its excellent diving conditions, as there is a coral reef at the southern end of the bay. It is also the perfect place for all lovers of water entertainment and surfers.