EXP Edition - your gateway to adventures beyond Phuket!

Want to explore Thailand's countryside beyond the picturesque island of Phuket on two wheels? Here's what makes our "EXP Edition" offerings unique:

  • Exclusive branding: our motorcycles and scooters bearing the "EXP Edition" logo are no ordinary vehicles. They are specially prepared and designed for long journeys beyond the borders of Phuket Island.
  • Unlimited possibilities: As one of the few companies on Phuket, we give our customers the freedom to go off-island with their rental vehicles. Explore the beauty of Thailand without any barriers!
  • Unique fleet: We may be the only company on the island that specializes in offering motorcycles and scooters prepared for long-distance expeditions. Our fleet includes motorcycles from 250ccm upwards and scooters from 300ccm upwards, guaranteeing comfort and safety on your adventure.
  • Safety first: We understand the importance of safety while riding. That's why we offer our customers full-face helmets upon request for added protection during your travels.

Don't wait! Go on an unforgettable adventure with our "EXP Edition" offer and experience Thailand like never before!

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