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Rawai is a part of Phuket located in the south of the Phuket island. The Rawai Beach itself is not suitable for sunbathing due to the rocky seabed and is rather a parking space for longtail boats. From here you can go to one of the nearest islands: Bon, He, Lone, Kaeo and Racha Yai.

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About Rawai

To the southeast along the coast lies Rawai, where on the shore at low tide appear rocks and stacks of stones, zealously turned over by the seekers of mussels. Years ago, Rawai was one of the first beaches used by local residents. There was no proper infrastructure at the time to safely get to the beaches on the west mountainous coast. Currently, the Rawai beach serves mainly as a parking lot for many boats and is famous for its wonderful fish market. It’s a launching point for point for day boat excursions out to Phuket’s surrounding islands. Many long-tail boats available for hire line its shores, where you can arrange a trip to Coral Island, Koh Lone or Racha Island, or a fishing or snorkeling trip. So if you are looking for a beach where you can sunbathe and swim, this is not a good choice. While Rawai Beach is not a great place to swim nor a place for snorkeling, it really is a beautiful place to sit and watch the water lap at the sand. There are many seafood restaurants here, from where you have a great view of the sea and the beaches. In Rawai there is one of several colorful villages of chao lay people, also called sea gypsies. There is also the Shell Museum, which has a beautiful collection of exhibits from Thailand, including the largest golden pearl. There is also a wonderful seafood market with loads of restaurants where they will cook the seafood for you.