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Panwa Cape is one of the most visited places in the city of Phuket. Panwa Cape offers visitors many landmarks to discover, such as Phuket Aquarium and Makham Bay. Cape Panwa is famous for its charms and is the perfect place to relax and discover unique attractions.

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About Cape Panwa

Cape Panwa is a part of Phuket located in the south of Wispy. Due to its remote location it is not one of the most popular places in Phuket. It’s the perfect place for people who value peace and beauty of nature more than the nightlife in Patong. Cape Panwa is a home to some stunning little known beaches. It can be said that Cape Panwa is chosen by connoisseurs looking for exclusive and little-known places. Despite the location on the sidelines, there is no shortage of exclusive hotels, villas with a sea view, restaurants and bars. One of the recently opened Baba Nest has unique design and a view of the bay. Because there are not many scooter rentals here, often people staying on Cape Panwa are our customers. We deliver scooters to all hotels in Cape Panwa.