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Nai Harn is a small beach in Phuket with excelent water quality loved by surfers, mainly in the rainy season, when the waves are big. Nai Harn offers very nice views, and the proximity of Rawai makes it easy here for good food and cooling drinks.

If you are looking for a scooter with delivery to a hotel in Nai Harn, please contact us. We will deliver the scooter to your hotel and collect it at the end of the rental.

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About Nai Harn

Naiharn Beach is a dream beach located in the southwest of Phuket. It owes its name to the amazing beauty of the surrounding nature of the southern coast of Phuket. On both sides of Nai Harn is surrounded by palm trees, which gives the impression of a fairy-tale sea lagoon. The length of the beach is about 1 km, width – up to 50 meters. The coast of Naiharn Beach is flat, the descent to the water is long, so the beach is a favorite place for a familes with children. The entire coastal area is suitable for swimming, most people prefer the central part of Nai Harn. The water temperature at any time of the year is from + 27 to + 30 degrees Celsius. The sand on the beach is delicate, soft, has various shades of pleasant beige shade. Like other Thai beaches, there are many buyers on Naiharn Beach. During the first combination, they will offer various delicacies: from cool juice to exotic fruits. A generous tip will turn every seller into a polite, helpful and hurry to the rescue assistant. You can order an individual transfer to the hotel. It is worth considering that public transport has no traffic, it will have to take a taxi or rent a transport. The taxi fare is around 1000 baht. Travel time is about 1 hour.