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Kalim Beach is a quiet rocky beach located north of Patong, on the road to Kamala. The distance from Patong beach is small enough that you can go there on foot on a rocky road. The walk takes about 30 minutes. Stopping at Kalim Beach is worth renting a scooter or car, which will certainly facilitate access to Patong and other parts of the island. We deliver bikes to every hotel at Kalim Beach.

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Abou Kalim Beach

Despite its close proximity to Patong, Kalim Beach has partly retained its local character. During high tide, the beach disappears almost completely under water and this is the moment when snorkeling is possible. There are no sunbeds here and the rocky seabed makes it difficult to swim. The main visitors of Kalim Beach are people walking with dogs and taking a selfie with a panorama of Patong in the background. There are several restaurants with sea views and bars near Kalim Beach. In the afternoon a small night market begins there. You can taste local pancakes (roti), papaya salads or seafood. In the rainy season the beach has surfing conditions. Professionals will be rather disappointed with the low vawe, but beginners can try their hand. From time to time surfing competitions for locals take place here.