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Surin Beach is called “beach for millionaires” because celebrities like to relax here, and local hotels offer luxury holidays for the highest level of service. The uniqueness of this beach also lies in the fact that it is surrounded by pine trees, not palm trees, as in other parts of the island.

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About Surin

Surin Beach is actually two very small, quiet beaches belonging to luxury hotels. It is also one of the most beautiful places you can see in Phuket. Surin is called by the local residents of “Millionaire’s Row”, because of the top-rated hotels here: Amanpuri, Twinpalms, Chedi. In addition to the high class hotels, there are also villas with a beautiful view of the sea, expensive restaurants and wine bars. One of the beaches is completely closed to hotel guests. However, even if you are not a hotel guest, you can visit her second part, available to everyone free of charge. You should do it, because the beach impresses with its charm and beautifully scattered rocks in its right part, right next to the Diamond Beachclub. I recommend this place for evening live events with DJs, as well as during the day to relax on the beach. In the nearby town of Surin you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine, which is excellent and at a very affordable price. At first glance, the street kitchen set up in the open air looks a bit unpromising. However, it is worth a try, because the food is delicious! I really recommend this place, this is where I ate the most delicious Thai dishes and it served straight from the local Thai people. Remember that we will get to know the true taste of Thailand by eating “street food” instead of having dinner at expensive restaurants.