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Kamala is the name of the district and the beach considered one of the most beautiful on the island and  Thanks to the calm here, the beach has become a favorite place for pensioners and families with children. Nearby is one of the main attractions of Phuket -FantaSea, which is the place with the evening show, theatrical performances, and many thematic events, mainly related to Thai culture. Let us know where do you stay in Kamala and we are going to deliver you bike there.

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About Kamala

Kamala Beach is a long sandy beach located about 10 minutes from Patong to the north. The beach is beautiful and large, there will always be a place to relax. You can hide under the shade of palm trees – there are quite a lot of them on the beach. In the city itself there is a large supermarket with typically local prices – you can find everything from towels to food and washing powders. There are also a lot of pubs so you can’t get bored there. Thai people are genuinely polite, nice, not intrusive. On the beach, you can rent a longtail boat from local residents and go to the nearby islands and neighboring beaches, e.g. Laem Sing Beach – beautiful and hard to reach by land. It is also possible to rent a sunbed on the beach or rent a jet ski. The town of Kamala itself is very charming and has partly preserved its authentic character, especially a part of it at the foot of the mountains. There, tourists are less numerous, and chickens, dogs and children running on the streets are a normal sight. Every day in Kamala there is a night market where you can buy local vegetables, fruits and taste the original Thai cuisine.