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Phuket is not only an island, but also a city of the same name located in the Phuket Island. Phuket Town is the capital of the province, located in the south-east of Phuket, in the Mueang District. A stroll through the picturesque streets of the city, full of original buildings, where Chinese dragons blend in with European facades, will certainly be a nice change after a lazy beaching on the coast.

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About Phuket Town

It is worth to see tan old part of Phuket Town, whose attractiveness is largely related to the Chinese heritage. Just walking through the picturesque streets of the city will be a great attraction. In nearby stores, you can afford small shopping spree. You’ll find here a rich selection of various types of souvenirs, small handicrafts and even original works of art. In Phuket there is also the Art Gallery (at Thanon Thalang) and a museum illustrating the history of this region (in the lobby of the Hotel Thavorn at Rasada Street). It is also worth visiting the surrounding temples, which is the main place of celebration of the most famous in the province of Vegetarians Festival. The period of dynamic development of Phuket took place about 100 years ago, when Europeans became interested in local natural resources, above all – tin. Trade of this desirable good has brought the city considerable wealth, thanks to which from a small village it turned into a significant metropolis and became the capital of the whole province. In time, tourism became the largest source of income for Phuket, along with the extraction of raw materials and crops (rubber, coconuts).