Where to go for a ride – a handy guide

Last updated: 2020-12-31

We are fans of two wheels and the opportunity to explore unique places traveling on motorbikes. The south of Thailand, beyond the popular islands, still remains undiscovered for most tourists. Exploring the unique corners of the tropical south gives a lot of satisfaction and is a real adventure. There are many interesting places outside of Phuket that you can reach in one day if you’re traveling on the proper adventure motorbike.

One of the most interesting destinations is the neighboring Phuket province of Phang Nga and Khao Sok National Park. Phang Nga Province is located north of Phuket, after crossing the Sarasin bridge connecting Phuket with the mainland. Among the lush green forests and the white beaches are hidden real miracles of nature. The fanciful rock formations of the Phang Nga Bay know no equal. They are a perfect illustration of the beauty and power of Thai nature. From its shining, greenish waters of Phang Nga Bay emerge limestone rocks – some of them are several hundred meters high. A motorcycle is a great way to explore the bay in a different way than most tourists. You can reach unique places off the main routes and avoid crowds.

Using our experience, we have prepared for you a short guide with an interactive map that will allow you to see all the most interesting places on the way to Phang Nga and Khao Sok. You can download it for free by leaving your email here: Download.

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