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Yamaha T-Max 560

Yamaha T-Max 560
Gearbox: Automatic
Capacity: 562cc
Tank: 15l
Weight: 218kg
Deposit: ฿9,000
Mileage: Unlimited

Yamaha T-Max 560 for 0 days

Rental - 0 days x ฿NaN฿0
Unlimited millage: Included
All taxes: Included
Motorcycle Model Guaranteed: Included
Surin delivery:฿0
Surin drop off:฿0


Yamaha T-Max 560

on Phuket

Experience Phuket's mystical allure from the saddle of the Yamaha T-Max 560, a symbol of modern scooter engineering that perfectly juxtaposes performance with elegance. Whether you're navigating the serene streets of Phuket Town or venturing to the panoramic viewpoints atop its hills, the T-Max 560 promises a ride that marries exhilaration with sophistication.

At its core lies a vibrant 560cc engine, making the T-Max 560 not just a mode of transport but a ticket to an adrenaline-infused escapade. Its dynamic performance ensures you're always riding the wave of thrill, whether you're cruising along the sun-kissed beaches or darting through the island's lively streets. Paired with an advanced transmission system, every twist of the throttle is a testament to smoothness and responsiveness.

Visually, the T-Max 560 is a blend of sleek modernity and timeless design. Its aerodynamic silhouette and sharp lines ooze urban sophistication, while its robust stance hints at an underlying adventurous spirit. LED illumination ensures that even the darkest corners of Phuket are lit with clarity, inviting you for moonlit rides along its shores.

Comfort hasn't been overlooked. The T-Max 560's plush seating, optimized legroom, and intuitively designed handlebars make every journey, whether short or extensive, an embodiment of luxury. The integrated infotainment system ensures that riders stay connected, offering effortless navigation and entertainment at the touch of a button.

Safety remains uncompromised, with the T-Max 560 featuring state-of-the-art braking systems that offer precision and reliability, ensuring peace of mind as you traverse Phuket's diverse terrains.

Renting the Yamaha T-Max 560 from us is an invitation to create cherished memories. It's not just about the destinations but the very journey itself. As the melodies of the Andaman Sea serenade you and Phuket unveils its treasures, let the T-Max 560 amplify each moment, encapsulating both the thrill of discovery and the bliss of relaxation.

Embark on a journey through Phuket like no other, and let the Yamaha T-Max 560 elevate your island exploration with its impeccable blend of power, beauty, and unmatched grace.

Scooter summary:

47 HP / 55.7 NM
Top speed


SEASONLOW 1 May - 31 SepMID 1 Oct - 30 Nov 1 Mar - 30 AprHIGH 1 Dec - 28 Feb
3-7 days฿2,000/day฿2,500/day฿3,000/day
1 week฿12,000/week฿15,000/week฿18,000/week
Deposit ฿9,000

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