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Honda CBR 300R

Honda CBR 300R
Gearbox: Manual
Capacity: 286cc
Tank: 12.9l
Weight: 161kg
Deposit: ฿6,000
Mileage: Unlimited

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Unlimited millage: Included
All taxes: Included
Motorcycle Model Guaranteed: Included
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Honda CBR 300R

on Phuket

The Honda CBR300R is not just a motorcycle; it's an embodiment of passion, performance, and the thrill of the ride. As you swing your leg over this magnificent beast and feel its pulse beneath you, there's an immediate sense of unity. Its heart, a 286cc single-cylinder engine, purrs with a vitality that promises both power and an exhilarating journey. This engine isn't just about raw strength; it's about smooth delivery and outstanding fuel efficiency, making every ride on Phuket's winding roads or bustling streets an experience to cherish.

One can't help but be captivated by its aesthetics. Inspired by its larger siblings in the CBR series, the CBR300R flaunts aggressive lines and a svelte profile. The dual headlamps peer forward with determination, while the sculpted bodywork resonates with a sense of dynamic motion, even at a standstill. It's a bike that doesn't just look good; it makes you feel good. And when it's time to navigate those tight island turns or coastal stretches, its lightweight frame and expertly calibrated suspension step up, offering both nimble handling and an enveloping comfort.

But it's not just about the looks or the ride. Safety remains paramount. The precision of disc brakes on both wheels ensures that even in the unpredictability of traffic, you have reliable stopping power at your fingertips. The broad, grippy tires, apart from adding to its sporty demeanor, promise a reassuring traction, gliding over asphalt and hugging the road like a trusted companion.

As you embark on your Phuket adventure, with the sun setting, painting the skies with hues of orange and pink, the Honda CBR300R becomes more than just a mode of transport. It becomes an extension of your spirit, echoing with the rhythm of your heart and the thrill of discovery. With every twist of the throttle, the world becomes a little more exciting, and the journey a tale worth telling. Join us, and let the Honda CBR300R transform your Thai odyssey into an unforgettable saga.

Motorbike summary:

30.9 HP / 27.5 NM
Top speed


SEASONLOW 1 May - 31 SepMID 1 Oct - 30 Nov 1 Mar - 30 AprHIGH 1 Dec - 28 Feb
3-7 days฿900/day฿1,000/day฿1,100/day
1 week฿5,400/week฿6,000/week฿6,600/week
Deposit ฿6,000

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