Long-term rental is popular in Europe and the United States. Renting a vehicle instead of buying one can have a lot of advantages. If you don’t need to get around by motorbike every day, buying your own one and paying for insurance, maintenance and annual tax can be an unnecessary expense.

But did you think about renting a long-term scooter in Thailand? It turns out that it is an increasingly popular form of scooter rental, especially among expats and people who have decided to stay in Thailand at least a month. Hiring a scooter for this time may seem like an expensive option. Fortunately, Motorbike Rental by Turtla came up with a solution: long-term motorbike rental.

Why choose long term rentals over purchasing?

Public transportation in Phuket can be inconvenient, expensive, and a hassle. Long-term motorbike rental is less expensive and more convenient than public transportation and taxis. Long-term scooter rental provides the convenience of a personal vehicle at a lower cost. You can choose from big selection of scooters, from small to big capacities and street motorcycles, so called big bikes. Rental companies offer greater savings for a longer rental period. If you’re planning on driving for 30 days up to 11 months, you could save big on your motorbike rental costs.

Forget about bureaucracy and paperwork

Long term motorbike rental is freedom of using your personal motorbike without cumbersome bureaucracy and paperwork related to the purchase of your own vehicle. You do not worry about finding a buyer for a scooter after a few months, and when to pay the annual tax. All this remains on the side of the rental company.

Wide variety of top vehicles

Finally, long term motorbike rental provides choice. You can pick the perfect motorbike depending on your personal needs. You can rent big scooter with 300 cc capacity and change it to smaller after 2 months. When you’re on a strict budget, you may find that certain models are just a little too far out of your reach.

No loss of value

It’s a simple fact faced by all motorists that the vehicle they buy will be worth a lot less at the end of its life than it was at the start. When you chose a motorbike rental agreement over a purchase, this obviously isn’t something you’ll have to worry about.

How do long term rentals work?

Select one of our vehicles available for long term rental and simple contact us to discuss the details. We offer convenient delivery service to your hotel or villa, as well as to Phuket International Airport. A long term contract means a long term relationship. Whether you have question about your mileage or this is during an emergency we support you and serve you with our guidance. As part of our agreement with you, you can also take advantage of competitive rates on servicing, though any excess mileage (beyond the figure quoted in our agreement), and of course any damages caused to the vehicle whilst in your care, must ultimately come from your wallet.