Renting a scooter in Thailand is one of the most popular ways to explore the Land of Smile. The scooter gives you independence and the ability to travel on your own. You can see beautiful places that are inaccessible to most tourists on organized trips.

See the sunrise over Phang Nga Bay or sunset at Big Buddha in Phuket. It is also a good way to save a lot of money and time. Taxi drivers in Thailand often overcharge customers, and public transport is not perfect. However, before you get on a scooter remember about the right driving license and buying travel insurance. This will allow you to sleep peacefully and enjoy your holidays in beautiful Thailand. Lack of insurance and driving license is an unnecessary risk that may end badly.

If you already have it and are preparing for the first trip on a scooter outside the city, remember to take some things that are necessary during a scooter ride.

1. Helmet

Always wear a helmet. Both you as a driver and passenger. Driving without a helmet is not only illegal but also dangerous. In addition to safety, the helmet also protects your eyes and face from dust, sand, and insects. This is really necessary and the easiest protection. Most rental companies give helmets for free, so always remember to ask for it. Also, make sure that the helmet has a visor and fits well. Too small a helmet will hurt you and may cause a headache. Too large will move and may limit visibility or fall out of your head.

2. Proper shoes

This may come as a surprise, but despite the holiday atmosphere, flip-flops popular in Thailand are not the best shoes to ride a scooter, especially if you are a driver. There is quite a big traffic here, which makes it necessary to maneuver on busy streets. In such situations, it’s easy to lose your balance, and then the flip-flops can harm you instead of helping you. Always wear full boots when riding a scooter. They will protect your feet and allow you to support yourself in heavy traffic or when stopping at traffic lights. In addition, when walking in the flip-flops, it is easy to cut, and high temperature and high humidity are an ideal environment for all kinds of bacteria.

3. Sunscreen

The sun in Thailand shines strongly most days of the year. A long time spent on the scooter can cause sunburn. What’s even worse, you may not even notice that the sun is burning your skin because of the wind that cools you while you’re driving. You will feel the effects in the evening at the hotel. Pain caused by burns is very strong and you can end up visiting the hospital. Choose creams with a high UV filter and remember to also to use it for your hands, which are exposed to the continuous effect of the sun. The sunscreen can easily be purchased on-site in Thailand at one of the 7/11 stores. However, high UV filters (30, 50) available in pharmacies are quite expensive.

4. Small Backpack

A small backpack is always useful for trips outside the city and the beach. Remember to take a small and comfortable backpack. A large and heavy backpack will cause unpleasant back pain after some time. In addition, it is bulky and inconvenient at the beach. A small backpack can always be hidden under the scooter seat. It is enough to take the most essential things and a bottle of water.

5. Raincoat

Raincoat is a must during the rainy season. Heavy rains come unexpectedly and pass unexpectedly fast. You never know if the cloud will begin to break in a few minutes. In this situation, it is best to have a raincoat with you. It will protect you from rain and wind. It is very light and does not take up much space. You can buy it at any store in Thailand for a few Thai Baht, so it’s not worth taking a raincoat with your home country. The jacket takes up a lot of space and weighs a bit. In addition, a raincoat also protects your legs from the rain.

6. Sunglasses

You must have them before you go to Thailand. They will be useful not only during the scooter ride but also on the beach or during sightseeing. A strong sun can temporarily blind you and cause a dangerous situation on the road. Besides, it is simply dangerous for your eyes. Take care of good glasses with an appropriate UV filter. Do not buy on the beach and from street vendors. Usually, they sell Chinese counterfeits at inflated prices without protective filters, and those with a reliable filter are expensive.

7. Maps with POI and your hotel address

Thailand offers a lot of beautiful places. Before a motorcycle trip, it is worth planning a route, checking the places where it is worth to stop and make sure that you manage to return to the hotel before dark. When planning a route, take into account the necessary stops and calculate the risk of rainfall, which can significantly extend your trip. It is worth buying a local sim card (preferably AIS or TRUE) so that you will be online all the time. You can also use one of the applications offering offline maps, such as Mapsme or Osmand.

8. Water

High temperatures in Thailand can carry the risk of rapid dehydration of the body. Especially if you’re not used to the tropical climate. That is why it is always worth having a bottle of water with you. Especially if you are going out of town on a longer trip. A good way to get a quick hydration is coconut. They are extremely common in Thailand and you can buy them at every step. Coconut water is rich in essential components for the body, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C, and the level of electrolytes is almost identical to that in the plasma of human blood.

9. Driving license

Remember that in Thailand you must always have your driving license with you. Police controls are frequent, and policemen firm. For several years, Thailand has been fighting the scourge of drivers without a valid driving license, who are responsible for the high number of road accidents. That’s why they are sensitive to the appropriate permissions to drive a scooter. If you do not know whether your driving license allows you to drive a scooter in Thailand, ask at your consulate. You can also find useful information from us on the page in the FAQ section.

Final Thoughts

Thailand is a very popular holiday destination for people from all over the world. Tourists often decide to rent a scooter as the basic and cheapest way to travel between the hotel and the beach and for short trips out of the city. It is worth to prepare for such a trip and take some necessary things. Do not be surprised and stock up on the basic things necessary for a motorcycle trip.