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Perhaps everyone who watched the movie “Beach” wants to get to the island lost in the ocean. Arriving in Phuket, tourists primarily try to reach Phi Phi to see the beautiful bays and snow-white beaches with their own eyes, as if they come from Hollywood frames to enjoy the pristine beauty of exotic nature. Rassada Pier is a place from where boats and ferries depart for Phi Phi and Krabi. This is the main sea harbour in Phuket.

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About Rassada Pier

837/5000 Rassada Pier is located east of Phuket Town. Traveling by sea is the most interesting way to follow the Krabi – Phuket route; the distance is 60 kilometers, you can go by boat or ferry. You can buy a ticket at your local travel agency, or you can contact the tourist information office to book a transfer from the hotel to Rassada Phuket Pier or a trip to Ao Nang Bay in Krabi. You can get to the marina by bus number 3: it is easy to recognize by the pink color. The ferry leaves the island every day, the cost of traveling to Krabi for an adult passenger is slightly less than USD 12. To sail a speedboat, you’ll have to pay $ 20-28; unlike the ferry, it runs more often. The schedule should be specified at the pier’s ticket office. Travel time in both cases is 2.5 hours.