Cost of renting scooter or motorbike on Phuket

Last updated: March 15, 2022

The best way to discover the beautiful island of Phuket is by scooter or motorbike. Renting a scooter or motorbike on Phuket is a lot cheaper than hiring a driver or renting a car and it is also the fastest way to get around the island. There are plenty of rental companies on the Island, but we would always advise you to pay a little bit extra and make sure you rent from a reliable rental company. This ensures you will have a pleasant experience with a rental scooter on the island.

The cost of renting a scooter or motorbike on Phuket in 2022

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Because scooter and motorbikes are so popular to rent on Phuket, they are very affordable and there are a lot of trustworthy companies to choose from. When comparing scooter rental price, the island of Phuket is relatively expensive, but the quality of the rental service is often better in comparison to some other places in Thailand.

Why is a scooter or motorbike the best way to get around Phuket?

When you want to move around on the island of Phuket, the scooter and motorbike are the easiest ways to get around. There are other types of transportation you could take instead of a two-wheeled rental, but they often come with a lot of disadvantages. Unlike for instance Bangkok, where the local public transportation is very good and taxis are incredibly cheap.

Other modes of transportation on Phuket are:


Bus services on Phuket have very rare connections and no strict timetable that they keep to. Meaning, you have to be lucky to catch a bus and you never know how long you have to wait for the next one. There are not many bus stops on the island and the ones that are there are very far apart from one another. Getting from one place to another by bus can sometimes take up to three hours because of this, while it would have been just a short 15-to-20-minute drive by scooter.


The prices for a taxi on Phuket start at 500THB (roughly 16USD) for a very short distance, for example inside or around villages like Patong and Rawai. If you need a ride further away a taxi will become very expensive. A 10km drive can cost you up to 1200THB (roughly 40USD). It is also very hard to pick up a taxi in the first place and there is no taxi service like Uber on the island. Although during the pandemic and in off-season the prices can drop to half or what they would be during high-season.


Tuk-tuks are very expensive as well, their prices are comparable to that of the taxis on the island. This is mostly because the tuk-tuk’s are seen as a tourist attraction and can carry more people at a time (up to 8) as a taxi can.


Motorcycle taxi services are very rare, but they do exist. This service is also quite expensive and a short ride from Chalong to Patong for example will cost you 400THB (roughly 13USD) for a one-way trip.

Car rentals

Renting a car on Phuket is also a lot more expensive than a scooter rental would be. Renting a car can cost you anywhere from 1000THB (roughly 33USD) to 3000THB (roughly 100USD) per day. Apart from the high prices it is extremely difficult to find a good parking spot, especially in the high season. Parking fees are required, and you will also end up stuck in traffic jams. Which could double, or even triple your travel time in comparison to a scooter. If you travel with small kids, larger groups, or if you are not comfortable driving a scooter a car rental can be the better alternative. we have expanded our rental offer and have cars for rent as well.

What kind of scooters and motorbikes are available for rent on Phuket?

There isn’t a lot of choice when it comes to scooter and motorbike rentals on Phuket. The engine capacity of scooters start from 110ccm up to 300ccm and for motorbikes it varies between 150ccm up to 650ccm. In rare occasions rental companies have motorbikes available with bigger engines than 650ccm. There are only few companies on the island that offer this, so it is very rare.

The brands of scooters and motorbikes you will see driving around on the island are mostly domestically produces brands like Honda and Yamaha. It is very rare to see any imported brands driving around on the Island of Phuket, especially if these bikes are from a rental company. This is because the cost of import taxes can exceed the original vehicle price by 200%. Making it simply not worth the investment of a rental company. Apart from import taxes, the parts for these imported vehicles are also relatively expensive compared to locally produced parts. These parts will also be taxed by customs making them even more expensive and ensuring very long delivery times for parts as well.

As we try to have a wide variety of vehicles available for rental we do have several more exotic models available within our selection of rental vehicles.

The most popular brands you will encounter on Phuket are Honda and Yamaha.

Popular Honda Scooter for Rent

Popular Yamaha Scooter for Rent

You can read more about the most popular scooters in Thailand here. You can read more about the most popular scooters in Thailand here.

What is the cost of renting a scooter in Phuket?

The price of renting a scooter on Phuket depends on several different factors such as:

  • The rental company
    Scooter rental price is often a little higher with a trustworthy rental company. But choosing a reputable rental company ensures you have a worry-free holiday.
  • The engine size of the scooter
    The engine size is indicated by the amount of ccm. A higher ccm count means your scooter or motorbike will have more power and will be faster as well. This will affect the scooter and motorbike rental price.
  • The age of the scooter
    Scooter rental price also depends on the age of the vehicle. Renting an older model will often be cheaper than renting a company’s newest model in pristine condition.
  • The length of the rental period
    Renting a scooter for a longer time will affect the scooter rental cost. It will often becheaper as it ensures income for the rental company.
  • The season
    Scooter rental cost is directly influenced by whether or not it is high-season and scooter and motorbike rental price can be lower during the off-season.


How much is the deposit fee for a scooter on Phuket?

Just like engine size plays a role in scooter and motorbike rental cost, it also plays a role in defining the deposit fee for a rental vehicle. The total scooter rental cost will always depend on these two factors. Another factor that defines scooter rental cost is the age of the vehicle. A newer vehicle, especially if the vehicle is still in pristine condition, will have a higher rental price and deposit fee than an older model would.

We would also like to point out that no trustworthy rental company would ask you to leave your passport as a deposit. And we cannot stress enough that you should never leave your passport as a deposit when renting anything.

Read more about popular scooter scams in Thailand here.

What other factors define the price of renting a motorbike or scooter?

What other factors define the price of renting a motorbike or scooter? There are several other factors that will play a role in defining the rental fee of a vehicle for the rental company. Apart from the age and engine size of the vehicle these factors also play a role in defining scooter and motorbike rental price.

The location of the rental shop

When a rental shop is located in a more touristic area of the island like Patong, Karon, Kata or Rawai, rental prices can be higher than they would be in less Touristic places. The city of Patong is one of the most touristic places of the island and therefore rental prices will be most expensive there. While Phuket town is a lot cheaper in comparison. When the rental shop is located in a very busy area with lots of (foot) traffic it may be necessary to make reservations in advance as the price can be 2 or even 3 times as much when you book during high season in these busy areas.


The availability of insurance plays a big role in defining a motorbike and scooter rental price. Most rental companies have a compulsory medical insurance that covers up to 30.000THB (about 1.000USD). It is very rare to have a 3rd party in an accident. Only few companies on Phuket offer full bike insurance where any damages made to the vehicle would be covered. Remeber, when renting a scooter or motorbike you need an international Driving Permit to be covered.

We have prepared the ultimate guide about rental bike insurance here.

Support policies

The amount of support you will receive when the scooter breaks down including moving it back to the shop, repair costs etc. will also impact the scooter rental price. The cheaper rentals will leave full responsibility for repair costs and support with you. Where some of the more expensive rentals will help you retrieve the vehicle within regular working hours and provide alternative transportation at no extra cost. Because this is included in the more expensive motorbike and scooter rental price.

Read more about common problems and responsibilities about break downs here.

Mileage limitations

Depending on the rental company the scooter rental cost will vary depending on the number of miles that are included in the scooter rental price. Going over the mileage limit means you have to pay an extra fee per extra mile that you have driven. These prices can be very expensive and cause unwanted surprises.

The reputation of the shop

The reputation of the shop can also increase scooter rental cost. This is because a reputable shop often offers better services and vehicles than a cheap shop with a lesser reputation would offer.

Find more information about how to rent a bike safely and find a reputable rental shop here.

Going outside of Phuket

Almost all rental companies limit your ability to ride a vehicle outside of Phuket. Being able to ride outside of Phuket can cause your motorbike rental price to be a little bit more expensive. These rental companies will not provide any sort of support outside of Phuket in case of a break down or any other issue. Some vehicles come with tracking and if the rental company learns you are driving outside of the permitted zone, you will lose your deposit. With our rental company you are allowed to go outside of Phuket if you notify us in advance. Notifying us before rental will allow us to make a thorough inspection of the vehicle and prepare it to go outside of Phuket without issues.

Delivery options

Some rental companies have the option to deliver your vehicle to your airport or hotel for you. This can be included in the motorbike rental price or be a separate paid service they offer. Sometimes managing returns or deliveries of vehicles outside of office hours can also result in extra rental fees. Having your rental vehicle delivered to the airport is very convenient and often cheaper than taking a taxi from the airport. It also saves you a lot of time.

Where to rent a motorbike or scooter in Phuket?

So in summary, when renting a motorbike or scooter in Phuket you should always consider that a cheap rental company is not always better and can cause you unwanted surprises. You should always try to avoid popular scams. Read more about How to safely rent a bike on Phuket to know how to choose a trustworthy rental company here. You are always welcome to use our services as well. Our company provides the best money value for your rental experience. Our services include:
  • Delivery to your hotel at an extra charge or free for a specific period
  • Break down service is covered around Phuket
  • Insurance is included at an extra charge
  • Unlimited mileage is included
  • We prepare the motorbike or scooter to go outside of Phuket as well, just notify us in advance if you plan to venture out of Phuket so we can extensively inspect your vehicle
  • We offer relatively low deposits.

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