The Penalties for Traffic Offenses in Thailand

Many people vacationing in Thailand are not aware of the traffic regulations. The most popular offenses among tourists include riding a motorcycle or scooter without a helmet and lacking the proper driver’s license. Many people do not realize that you must have an international driver’s license (IDP) to drive a scooter or motorcycle in Thailand […]

What to Take with You on a Motorcycle Trip in Thailand

Renting a scooter in Thailand is one of the most popular ways to explore the Land of Smiles. A scooter gives you independence and the ability to travel on your own. You can see beautiful places that are inaccessible to most tourists on organized trips—you can see the sunrise over Phang Nga Bay or the […]

Why Choose Long-Term Motorcycle Rentals over Purchasing

Long-term rental is popular in Europe and the United States. Renting a vehicle instead of buying one can have a lot of advantages. If you don’t need to get around by motorcycle every day, buying one and paying for insurance, maintenance, and annual tax can be an unnecessary expense. But have you thought about long-term […]

Best Three Motorcycles for a Road Trip Around Thailand

Thailand is considered one of the world’s best motorcycle touring destinations. The tropical landscape, palm trees, sun, amazing Buddhist temples, forgotten mountain villages, waterfalls, lush jungle, wild animals, and Thai cuisine make it a paradise for motorcyclists. In comparison to other countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand’s infrastructure and services are at a rather high level. […]

Things to Do in Phuket

People either love or hate Phuket. It is an island that evokes extreme emotions among tourists from all over the world. For many people, Phuket has very negative connotations. Some have based their opinions on Patong City, the most crowded “party” of the island. Yes, there are areas full of dubious-quality places and bars filled […]

Getting a Thai Driver’s License in Phuket

Tourists from all over the world come to Phuket and rent a car or motorcycle during their stay. Some of them decide to move in and stay here longer as expats. But are they allowed to use their driver’s license from their home country to drive a rental vehicle on the island? Like many other […]

Five Motorcycle Rides through Phuket

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and is full of activities to keep you occupied. If you have already been island hopping, you may have bathed an elephant or shot a high caliber rifle. But if you’re avoiding organized tours, you can explore the island by yourself. Getting around Phuket by motorcycle is a […]

Everything about riding a motorbike in Thailand

Scooters in Southeast Asia are the most important and the most effective means of transport. It is an everyday mode of transport for most people of Thailand and a large number of tourists. Every day, millions of people get on a scooter to get to work, do shopping or, in case of tourists, visit the […]

Which Scooter to Rent: Four Scooters Compared

Are you going on vacation to Thailand and want to rent a scooter? It’s a good idea provided you have experience riding a scooter and choose the right one. Scooters are a popular means of transport both among Thais and the numerous tourists visiting Phuket, Thailand. The main advantages of riding scooters are the greater […]