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Honda Forza 300

For rent on Phuket

Fast Summary:

24 HP / 19 NM
~374 km
Top speed
161 km/h
1 May - 31 Sep
1 Oct - 31 Apr
1 day40$/day (1280 THB)50$/day (1600 THB)
2 days30$/day (960 THB)39$/day (1248 THB)
3 - 4 days25$/day (800 THB)35$/day (1120 THB)
5 - 7 days20$/day (640 THB)29$/day (928 THB)
8 - 14 days19$/day (608 THB)25$/day (800 THB)
15+ days18$/day (576 THB)22$/day (704 THB)
long term459$/month (14688 THB)599$/month (19168 THB)

Deposit: 200$ (6400 THB)

We deliver bikes in whole Phuket

Plan your vacation, save time and book a scooter with delivery to the hotel, resort, airport, or wherever you want on Phuket.

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Why rent with us?

Honest and reputable rental company

We care and provide the world class rental service which is confirmed by numerous reviews of our company on TripAdvisor and Facebook.

We don't take your passport

We don’t ask you to leave your passport as security deposit. Remember that carrying your passport is required by Thai law. We only require to have a photocopy of it and cash desposit.

Always wherever you want and on time

We always provide to you your Forza whatever you like, always in time you want. For example, you can plan to get your bike on Phuket Airport at 12:00, and drop-off the bike few days later in your hotel close to Bang Tao beach.

Honda Forza 300 – general description

Double front headlamp, eye-friendly seat lines, a back lamp with soft lines – a combination of modernity, harmony, and dynamics. Stepped, comfortable seats and a small windshield dominate the vehicle’s design. If I had to make a decision to buy only on the basis of the appearance, Forza would have been in my garage for a long time. Let’s start, however, in turn: lights. They are efficient and illuminated all the time turn signals add charm. The driver’s and passenger’s seat is soft, comfortable, the driver has the additional ability to gently support the lumbar region. Longer rides do not cause discomfort to the driver, the position is straight, sitting low. The leg area is sufficient for people with a height of about 180 cm, and the twisted steering wheel does not affect your thighs. Taller people will complain about leaning against the front wall during braking and lack of space. The passenger has footrests at a reasonable height, they do not force either opening or limping the legs. After taking the place, we have a clear, attractive and impressive set of gauges, whose appearance resembles automobile distribution boards. It is dominated by four analog clocks (speedometer, tachometer, temperature, fuel quantity). In addition to this data, we also find an on-board computer – it is a pity that it lacks the function of ambient temperature indications. Both brake levers have no adjustment. The mirrors have too narrow spacing, which on the one hand makes driving easier in the traffic jam, on the other hand results in a large part of the image of our arms. It is missing 3-4 cm in order to define their functionality as good. The attention of the driver is caught by two large buttons on the dashboard on the sides of the ignition, one of which opens the tank and the boot, and the second storage in the front dashboard.

There are several storage spaces in the Honda NSS 300 Forza. The first one, opened with the mentioned button (the mechanism works only after turning the key), has the right capacity, but a small opening angle and flat interior and requires a bit of dexterity when removing objects. The second one, placed symmetrically to the steering wheel, has a slightly smaller capacity, but works independently of the position of the ignition. It’s a good place for gate remote controller, or any type of small belongings, IDs, etc. that we want to remove without switching off the engine. The trunk under the seat causes a positive reaction: its capacity is so large that we can easily fit two integral helmets. The scooter is equipped with a central and side foot. Is there anything missing in the 300 Forza Honda? Maybe a small hook on the front wall, although the tank limiting the size of the diagonal would make it difficult to transport larger grids. In fact, there is nothing to cling to; the quality and fitting of the elements, the varnish coat and finish are not subject to criticism, and the overall appearance makes you want to start driving.

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What clients say about us?

  • 5 star ratingGreat Bikes And Service Thank you Thomas :)

    Thomas S Avatar Thomas S
    08 Nov 2018

    5 star ratingGreat Bikes And Service We rented four big bikes from here, two 650cc, one 500cc and a 200cc for a short trip to Phang Na. Everything got arranged via LINE and the next morning they delivered the four bikes all way to Kamala, where we rented a villa.

    The bikes were practiclly new and they... read more

    Thomas S Avatar Thomas S
    08 Nov 2018

    5 star ratingVery nice service We rented the bike for 9 days from Phuket and dropped it off a day before flying out. No issues at any time. Got all our deposite back at the drop-off, no issues. Quick, clear response from the renter. I recommend. Price also very good.

    Raiko R Avatar Raiko R
    01 Nov 2018
  • 5 star ratingLawrence Hired scooter from them with no hassle.

    Never kept my passport just copied number.

    The best way to see Phuket if you are confident on there roads.

    And not expensive either.

    Would highly recommend this company for hire.

    Climber21280432316 Avatar Climber21280432316
    01 Nov 2018

    5 star ratingHoliday Wow, what a pleasure to rent a scooter from. Firstly, I didn’t need to leave my hotel, just booked online and within minutes I had contact from the company through WhatsApp or any other media of my choice, once I paid my deposit. The web site was so... read more

    Douglarse Avatar Douglarse
    17 Oct 2018

    5 star ratingIdeal for first time renters in Thailand This business offered online and delivery options. Spoke to them through online chat option and secured a scooter to suit us. It was delivered following morning, no passport required, just a deposit. Bike was healthy and we had it for three days. Never missed a beat. If going to Thailand... read more

    vicki w Avatar vicki w
    17 Oct 2018
  • 5 star ratingGood motos and perfect service without giving your passport I went to Thailand last summer with a friend. At the moment of renting a motorbike, we were afraid as all the renting business in Phuket required to give your passport during the renting, so that means to be undocumented during many days in a foreign country, so not an... read more

    David D Avatar David D
    08 Oct 2018

    5 star ratingTotally trustworthy and reliable! Easy to communicate with and very professional! Bike delivered and picked up on time without any problem whatsoever. And the bike is in excellent condition! Definitely use their service again if we decided to go back to Phuket <3

    ericson y Avatar ericson y
    02 Oct 2018

    5 star ratingGreat Service On our recent holiday we hired 3 scooters from this company, it was the best thing we could have done. The bikes were delivered to where we were staying and there were no hassles at all. Even when we decided to extend our rental period we were able to just... read more

    paulinedoonan Avatar paulinedoonan
    21 Sep 2018
  • 5 star ratingScooter rental I rented honda pcx 150. I recomend this company to everyone. Great stuff, great bikes, good prices.. They delivered bike to my hotel and come to pick it up. And they dont hold your passport, what most rentals here in phuket do. Thanks again guys

    Matej Š Avatar Matej Š
    19 Sep 2018

    They brought and picked up the scooter on time as agreed at oure hotel. Next day the taillight was broken, just 1 text and they came to pick up the scooter and fix it within the hour. Also the refund of the deposit was not a problem! Overall a company... read more

    Flederic Vande Velde Avatar Flederic Vande Velde
    17 Sep 2018

    5 star ratingBest scooter rental in Phuket It made my day!

    We have stayed in the area of Bang Tao Beach, where it is difficult to find public transport and the prices for taxis are unreasonably high. That's why the delivery of a scooter to our hotel was the best option. Great and friendly service. Rational prices. Easy... read more

    m0ti13 Avatar m0ti13
    16 Sep 2018


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