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Yamaha Tricity 125

For rent on Phuket

Fast Summary:

11HP/10 NM
231 km
Top speed
1 May - 31 Sep
1 Oct - 31 Apr
1 day21$/day (672 THB)21$/day (672 THB)
2 days18$/day (576 THB)18$/day (576 THB)
3 - 4 days14$/day (448 THB)16$/day (512 THB)
5 - 7 days13$/day (416 THB)14$/day (448 THB)
8 - 14 days12$/day (384 THB)12$/day (384 THB)
15+ days10$/day (320 THB)11$/day (352 THB)
long term200$/month (6400 THB)220$/month (7040 THB)

Deposit: 100$ (3200 THB)

Plan your vacation, save time and book a scooter with delivery to the hotel, resort, airport, or wherever you want in Phuket.

hotel delivery within phuket available

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Why rent with us?

Honest and reputable rental company

We care and provide the world class rental service which is confirmed by numerous reviews of our company on TripAdvisor and Facebook.

We don't take your passport

We don’t ask you to leave your passport as security deposit. Remember that carrying your passport is required by Thai law. We only require to see your original passport when signing a rental contract and collect returnable cash desposit.

Always wherever you want and on time

We can deliver you Yamaha Tricity wherever you like within Phuket, always at the time you chose. For example, you can choose to deliver a motorbike to the Phuket Airport at 12:00 and drop it off few days later at your hotel, close to Bang Tao beach.

Yamaha Tricity- general description

Urban tricycles have a bright future, regardless of whether fans of motorcycles and scooters like it or not. Several important advantages guarantee machines such as Yamaha Tricity a significant place in the sales results.

Yamaha, considering her first vehicle of this type (this is the first urban tricycle developed in Japan) approached the matter extremely unconventional. The work on the scooter was directed by Kazuhisa Takano, who is … an engineer in the Yamaha MotoGP racing department and who is used to building motorcycles for Lorenzo and Rossi. What’s more, Takano san used an unusual test driver – his wife – in the development work.

First of all, the engineers from Iwata achieved an incredibly low vehicle weight. Tricity with its complicated and relatively heavy suspension at the front weighs only 152kg, while the classic X-Max 125 is 17kg heavier. The low weight and low center of gravity mean that the motorcycle does not need a suspension lock that holds the vehicle vertically. Simply keeping it does not require effort beyond the limits of even the tiniest woman. What’s more, the machine is very compact, it has a small windshield, but at the same time, it provides solid protection of the legs against weather conditions. Even taller drivers are able to find a comfortable position when driving small Yamaha.
Generally speaking, sitting on Yamaha, we have the impression of taking a place on a completely ordinary scooter. From the driver’s perspective, nothing betrays the presence of two wheels at the front. The machine has the same width as its classic relatives. The tricycle is produced in Thailand, but the quality, material selection and general aesthetics of the vehicle do not differ from the standard of Yamaha products manufactured in Japan. From this image of normality and typicality, one of the most important details differs – the presence of an additional wheel in the front suspension …

Two wheels at the front

In order to achieve good traction, Yamaha decided to use a complicated system of swing arms and switches with double carrier tubes.
The Japanese Yamaha Tricity rides like any other single track – it requires a dynamic balance and bends in curves. The vehicle remains very stable on bumpy road sections. It’s difficult to lose your balance on Tricity even on potholes or when driving curbs, which in its own way should not be surprising, because this machine was created to drive on such surfaces. Let us add that thanks to the low weight, the ease with which this equipment turns simply has to delight. The braking force is excellent, especially in versions with ABS.

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What clients say about us?

  • 5 star ratingBikes in perfect working order , delivered to your door steps! IF you looking for a bike rentals in Phuket, the best option availible is Turtla, I rented a Click while my Visit in Phuket , and it was delivered to my hotel , nice clean and no any issues.

    PeterMotion Avatar
    27 May 2019

    5 star ratingHighly recommend I can't recommend enough...when you want to enjoy your time in Phuket, you don't want to be worrying about your bike rental. Delivered to hotel, picked up when finished... A big thank you from me...But go for a 150cc minimum, some of those hills are brutal :)...

    Stephen M Avatar
    Stephen M
    25 May 2019

    5 star ratingprofessional service i had rented a bike from turttla in my recent phuket vacation. i booked the bike online before reaching phuket. communication was very good

    bike was delivered to me and was picked up on the last day. all smooth. the bike did not give me any trouble all in all a...
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    josnitin Avatar
    24 May 2019
  • 5 star ratingRented very cool motorbike I rented a 250cc enduro motorbike booking via website before getting to Phuket.

    The bike was delivered at my hotel according to the deal, in perfect condition and I really enjoyed my holiday on the road. Great service and communication! More

    gaiaorange Avatar
    29 Apr 2019

    5 star ratingThe best motorcycle rental company Very good service ,they delivered great quality motorbike to my hotel easy communication via what’s up , no problem with getting back deposit , helpful staff (Magda) ,highly recommend

    dariusz d Avatar
    dariusz d
    20 Apr 2019

    5 star ratingBike rental Excellent service from magda and aleksey. They delivered the scooter straight to the hotel, and picked it from the hotel 8 days later when I left. Very patient and answered every question I had. Highly recommended!

    ryan_kc33 Avatar
    20 Apr 2019
  • 5 star ratingPerfect service Perfect service, great bikes and beautiful owners.

    Thank you for support and info about cool places to visit.

    Also, great preorder experience via web site.

    103aleksandarm Avatar
    20 Mar 2019

    5 star ratingHonda shadow 400 Great bike with style to cruise around the beautiful island beaches of phuket. Very friendly and helpful staff 5 star service!! Highly recomme d

    Jared E Avatar
    Jared E
    20 Mar 2019

    5 star ratingVery good rental We rent moto from Turtla. It was the best decision on whole Holiday. Our Honda was in perfect condicion and looked like brand New. They have motobikes not older than few years. I felt in love to this bike from the beginning of Our trip.

    Guys from Turtla are very kind...
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    Zuzia B Avatar
    Zuzia B
    21 Feb 2019
  • 5 star ratinggood motorbike rental service everything was fine, rented Tricity

    everything was fine, rented Tricity

    everything was fine, rented Tricity

    Alex Z Avatar
    Alex Z
    21 Feb 2019

    5 star ratingExcellent experience! We rented online from Magda a Honda PCX 150cc for 10 days at the end of January! Andrey brought us the scooter in our hotel in Patong ON TIME. The scooter was new and in great conditions. The price was really good comparing with other companies near by. They... read more

    markosxen Avatar
    10 Feb 2019

    5 star ratingLaguna Phuket Many thanks to Magda and her team for the service they provided. I've heard a lot about difficulties with renting a big bike in Thailand but you will meet non of them dealing with this team. Good bikes and reliable service for a reasonable price. My best recommendations.

    A4661WH_ Avatar
    25 Jan 2019


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